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Have it Your Way Everytime

Why lapse on your health? Build a healthy box of drinks and goods
and have them shipped to your home or work.



Skip the trip to the store and have your
fridge fully loaded with all your
cold pressed essentials.

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suggested boxes

Take our word for it, your body will thank you.
 All suggested boxes are curated by our team for your enjoyment.

  You know you did it.  This will help.  An assortment of                    juices and shots for the road to recovery.


16 cold pressed juices for all your Casa needs.



Our Greens Pack includes 8 hand-selected greens that will re-boot your system in all in the right ways.   P.S.  you get 2 Jinja Greens and 2 Green Easy!!


Create the perfect desert cocktail with these 8 juices and the divine YOLA Mezcal

Restore and energize your body with 8 of our favorite juices!
Flush your insides with 8 of our most detoxifying drinks! This suggested box includes 2 of each product listed. 

Beauty Box

A collection to meet all your beauty needs- hydration, calcium, anti-oxidants, essential vitamins and nutrients. 

Drink your dessert- get your Berries and Cream delivered as often as you want! This suggested box includes 4x Cream Party, 2x Pixie,  2x The Cali

Black Box

For our obsessive Charcoal Lemonade Fans.  You know who you are.