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Sipping With: Lacy Phillips

Meet Lacy Phillips: Founder and creator of the holistic living blog, Free + Native. She's a firm believer in the process of taking us back to our roots and dreams to bring the world a publication that induces a simpler lifestyle. We brought some juice over to her office to catch up on what inspires her latest remedy, recipe and more.

What Inspired you to launch Free + Native?
At the time I conceptualized F+N, I had worked for interior designer Frances Merill  (designer of ACE Hotel Palm Springs when she was with Commune), and was healing some intense health issues surrounding a lot of imbalance. Having always approached any illness in my life holistically, I accidentally became the go-to holistic healer for those around me. I realized I’d kill a lot more birds with one stone and respond to a lot less emails if I started a forum where anyone in my life could tune in and learn the information.  Design and holistic living sort of collided once I saw a huge void in the blogworld for super medicinal living that could also marry modern, approachable design.  Everything at the time was either very granola or incredibly vibrant and cutesy.  I decided to fill that void.

What project are you currently working on?
Far too many for my own good!  I’ve since become an herbalist and holistic chef, and upon opening my services, my client roster has exploded to a count I couldn’t even imagine.  I’ve been primarily focusing on fertility, preparing the body for pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, regulating hormonal cycles, and endocrine balance.  And I work with group and private clients during New Moon and Full Moon energy to guide them through very specific manifestations while helping to clear their blocks.  These sessions have a strong focus on relationships, job, home, and abundance, and have become my most refined and loved sessions of all since I’ve always had a freakishly quick and accurate way of calling anything into my life. The most rewarding is when miraculous exact things come into my client’s lives, and they weird out realizing that they held the magic all along.  It usually just takes a tiny bit of fine-tuning in their approach and fearlessness, which is where I step in and then BAM!

What's your creative process?
Creativity flourishes for me when I adhere to routine, pineal gland opening herbs, and a twenty-minute morning start with mudra mediation.  Structure and striving for perfection are the ultimate creative killers in my world.

You've cooked up a TON of creative, holistic recipes. Which one is your fave?
My personal favorite is my Beet Kvass recipe ( – though I certainly didn’t invent this!  It’s an ancient fermented beauty elixir from Eastern Europe that is incredibly blood building, blood cleansing, and probiotic rich. It’s an absolute staple amongst my female clients during their cycle, and refreshing during the summer because it is cold.

3 People we should fool on Instagram?
@ashleyneese @thelocalrose @hannahmas

Your go-to juice at Juice Served Here?
Number 11, The Chocolate Fix all the way. It's just beyond!

What is one step we can all take to live a more holistic life?
Honestly, not to be redundant but if I could offer only one step to a more balanced holistic life it’s the no-brainer act of going fully local and organic. One step is incredibly hard to suggest when I live by a no-budging five:  no refined sugar, adding probiotic rich ferments to each meal, local and organic, tossing endocrine disrupting beauty products and sticking with the pure stuff such as raw shea butter and oiling, and clean water - as a start.  This is before getting into the really medicinal stuff.

Photo taken by Jamie Arrigo. You can check out her work here:

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