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Sanity NOT Vanity

We are SO excited to inform you that we were able to secure one of the best barre instructors in LA for our Pointe Studio Series in Venice. We have a fierce and amazing series set, and the classes will be incredible.  Info below...

Athletic socks for running and pulsing. On a mission to be louder than the rest.

Pointe Studio #sanitynotvanity barre class includes 50 minutes of pulsing and tucking to get your mind off the noise and stress of daily life and focused on making you feel like your most bad-ass self. Abs are awesome but feeling like you could conquer the world is better.

Barre workouts are freaking great and thus have spread like wildfire. Known for their ability to quickly sculpt long, lean muscles without adding bulk, all while improving flexibility and balance- you seriously gotta try it!  The low impact workout packs a serious punch and is favored by celebs and hot grannies alike.

Pointe Studio is an athletic brand rooted in the fashion industry. Our grip socks pack a serious punch in performance as well as in design. Gone are the days of boring, safe clothes with zero personality. Workout gear has become more than just clothes to workout in; it’s a lifestyle.

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