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Latest Obsession: The Springs

We just launched an epic, plant-based food program in partnership with The Springs. 

Since opening in the summer of 2014, the naturally sunlit, expansive 13,800 square foot venue owned by Jared Stein and Kimberly Helms (pictured together below) has become L.A.’s go-to urban oasis by offering a best in class organic juice bar, coffee program, yoga studio and wellness center. Offering a unique all-inclusive take on health and wellness for its customers, The Springs continues to be an inviting mecca for conscious consumers seeking to nourish both mind and body.

We sat down with The Springs Founder, Jared Stein, to learn more about what's going on over there...

Who are you exactly?

I’m Jared Stein, one of the co-founders of The Springs.

You’re from Ohio right? What brought you to California and do you miss home?

I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I moved to NYC when I was 18 to attend NYU. After 13 years in New York, working in the Broadway Theater world, my partner, Kimberly and I, decided it was time to move to LA and follow our dream to opening a space like The Springs. While we miss our friends back in NYC, we absolutely LOVE being Angelenos and feel like this is home. 

What was your motivation to open The Springs?

While living in NYC, I found myself delving into a “wellness” lifestyle.  I was juicing everyday, doing yoga, finding a sauna, getting colonics, eating raw food….all the while, never really connecting with anyone or feeling that there was a like-minded community. I wanted to create a place that was a one-stop-shop, that had everything you needed, all while having a space that promoted conversation, connecting, and building a community.  

Can you tell us a little bit more about the concept?

The concept essentially has 3 main elements: our Kitchen and Juice Bar, our Yoga & Wellness Center, and our Workshops & Events. Our Kitchen and Juice Bar is a mostly vegan menu focused on fresh, organic, and seasonal produce.  We pride ourselves on creating exciting and flavorful food and beverage that satisfies any palate, not just that of a vegetarian or vegan. Our Yoga Studio and Wellness Center feature some of the top teachers and practitioners in Los Angeles and create a zen escape in an otherwise urban neighborhood. Lastly, we have a series of special events and workshops curated in house, and are also available as a venue for private hire.

Why did you choose to work with jsh for your first packaged food line?

I’ve been a huge fan of JSH since first moving to LA.  I love the product, the branding, and their presence around Los Angeles.  When they approached us about the opportunity to create a packaged food line for them, we jumped at the opportunity.  It’s been an incredibly collaborative process and we look forward to growing together and continuing future collaborations as two amazing Los Angeles-based companies. 

What’s next for The Springs?

Well, we’d love to open another location.  We’ve gotten some requests for some other cities around the country. I think a space like ours that promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle, all while creating community, is needed in a lot of places.  We’d love the opportunity to expand one day.  Meanwhile, we’ll continue to grow our offerings and programming on-site here in LA!


...thanks Jared!


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