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When I quit my 9 to 5 back October 2012, and started down the path of opening a juice bar, I knew we had to be different. Different in a striking way. Conversationally different. I wanted peoples reaction to be, 'they're doing something new'. Shaking things up a bit. Like Mike has done over at Soma with the now seemingly 80's britta water jug. He took something boring that existed and turned it upside down. His now iconic water carafes, made of glass, track your water usage and ship you a new filter right when you need it. We had to push things forward in a new way.

Among the hundreds of things we didn't want to be, there were things we really did want to be. Having killer, innovative recipes with no fillers. Serving our juice in glass. We wanted dense flavor without compromising. Our juices had to be the best tasting. We tasted so many other brands juices before even creating a single JSH recipe. We had score cards, and rated groups. Greens, citrus, roots. Each category had a winner. We had to beat all the winners. Of course, we tasted some truly great juices over those few months. The bar was set high. That is the bar which really gave us the benchmark on which to stand today. We also wanted clean, design savvy branding that was effortless.

But what really counted was the quality of the ingredients, and the flavor profile. 

This brings me to launching our new campaign: Delivered Fresh Daily.

I was reminded by a customer a few months ago that we are still one of the only juice companies in LA that is serving raw unpasteurized juices in glass bottles. They went further to say that they assumed our juices had a much longer shelf life that the 3-5 days, and - upon clarification of their raw nature - understood why they tasted so fresh. This struck me as odd. Didn't people already know that we press, bottle, sticker and cap our juices everyday at our facility in the Arts District, and deliver them to our stores everyday?

This moment made me realize that we hadn't done a very good job of telling that story, and that perhaps now is as good a time as any.

So here we are today, with 12 locations all serving some of the freshest juices I've enjoyed LA (believe me I have tried them all) and our stores should be shouting about it. Today marks the start of that shouting. Our loyal customers have been reminding us for years that our juices taste great. That is what Delivered Fresh Daily is all about. About celebrating the commitment, hours and energy that our team gives to making our juices everyday, and delivering them everyday.

I will be proudly wearing my 'Delivered Fresh Daily' shirt all day on Monday, and so will our staff. We have a ton of new products coming your way later this month: new juices, soups and food all given the same attention to detail we started with. 



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