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Breakfast Should Really Always Happen In Bed


If you don't want to read further, and you just want instant yums:


But, if you do want to dwindle a bit on why you should just lay in bed and skip work, well then relish on this deep insight from Felix the Cat,

"If we were all meant to pop out of bed every morning, we would sleep in toasters."

Touché Felix, touché. 

- - -

On a more serious (breakfast) note, our new menu has three insanely delicious - and good for you - breakfast options, with a fourth that is a brekkie/brunch/lunch hybrid:

Overnight Oats

(vegan, gf) rolled oats, almond milk, maple syrup, chia seeds, coconut, topped with freeze dried strawberries

            Raw oats are a resistant, good starch because your body digests them very slowly, this will help your body stay fuller longer. Also, these slow digesting starches also release digestive acids which helps boost your metabolism. Like all our products it uses house-made almond milk, unlike processed almond milk (carrageenan, added sugar). 

Chia Pudding

(vegan, gf) chia seeds, dates, cashew, vanilla, cacao, buckwheat, brown rice syrup, cinnamon

            Chia seeds are a great source of fiber, protein, calcium (one serving has more than milk), omega 3s (one serving has more than salmon!). Also, cacao is one of the superfoods with highest amount of antioxidants

Coco Yogurt

(vegan, gf) Young Thai coconut meat, fresh coconut milk, probiotic, blueberries, maple syrup/ topped with granola rolled oats, 7 spice, grapeseed oil, ginger, freeze dried pineapple


All the good probiotic regular yogurt has without the dairy. Additionally, coconut is a good slowing burning fat, energizing the body.


Lil Eggy

Egg, spinach, basil mayo, challah bun

Hard boiled eggs, 90% of the protein is available for digestion, where beef you can only get 50%. Eggs are considered brain food and high vitamin B.


In conclusion, pair any of the above with a juice, coffee, Vatte, or shot and you're basically the equivolent of a health-rich, bed-ridden fiend... and we love it.


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